Dir. Ezel Devidar

CEO, Zellwanour

We believe that the advancement and prosperity of human civilization depends on how successful human investment is.

The free, creative, civilized and believer human being is the key to humanity's success in overcoming the crises of this collapsing planet, which is full of wars and conflicts, stifles pollution and its existence threatens global warming and the extinction of species ... Those crises and challenges resulting from the wrong direction of investment in conflicts and wars, Hatred and power.

We believe that investing in the promotion and fulfillment of man, enabling him to innovate and supporting his freedom is the only way to save mankind.

We at "Zellwanour Films" invest in art and cinema as the finest images of human creativity and the most successful ways to rebuild our humanity.

We believe that our mission is to contribute to this great goal. We have the will and vision to do so, and we rely on the efforts of the insured team with this message and can serve it in a professional and effective manner.

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  • From the beginning of creation, man's most important concern was the ability to express, communicate and model his feelings and thoughts.

    From the inscription on the walls of the caves to painting, through poetry and fiction, and then singing and theater, man has developed his abilities to express, create and model his fantasies.

    Until a century ago, he created the greatest and most comprehensive means of human expression achieving his expression energy, Cinema.

    Cinema until this day still representing the highest simulation and human modeling, It creates a full parallel life using all human expression tools, image, painting, music, speech and narrative.

    Cinema mobilizes all of the creative energies of man to achieve one huge great task: creating a parallel real life with all of its details, components, feelings and relationships.

    This is the Cinema's survival secret on top of the manifestations of human creativity on this planet since the beginning of creation.

    It was able to embody all the imagination and creativity of man to transform it into reality.

    This is precisely the source of its importance, and the seriousness of its mission.

    Cinema creates the world you want, Gives you the model, does not tell you about it, takes you to its world and reality does not lock it, inspires you does not preach you.

    Cinema enters the consciousness of man through all his senses.

    Through the cinema the audience's sentiment can not miss the artist's message.

    We at "Zellwanour" are aware of this, and have a responsibility. We believe that our mission to support humanity and empower the values of freedom,creativity and faith is a great goal, it deserves to work for, and devote our lives, art and creativity to contribute to achieve it.

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    last project

    Free fall

    A feature film produced by Zellwanour Films Suspense type, set in the context of movement and organized crime The film is Arabic speaking, it will be the result of cooperation between the best companies and specialists in film production and special effects in Turkey, France, and Egypt We plan to show the movie in theaters in the Summer of 2024